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Birthday Gift

Happy 6th birthday lil Danial!
Smoga Danial sentiasa menjadi anak ibu dan ayah yg soleh..
May Allah bless your life and your future, dear..

Box of 12
.: 12 pcs chocolate pralines :.
.: chocolate wordings :.
(quantitity depends on you)
.: accessories :.
~RM 18~ 


Aspen @ MyLovelicious said...

Thanx a lot Ummu Insyirah !! Danial ngan Deq Ya suker sgt2...sedapppp

miss candy said...

Sama-sama Aspen..nak lagi meh datang umah ;)

gadisBunga said...

taknak ajak kite dtg umah ke MC? hihihi~

miss candy said...

haa GB meh la dtg jgk..mkn coklat sama-sama jomm ;)

LadyBird said...

nak sikit..

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